In these ever-changing times, the decision has been taken to hold the branch AGM on a virtual basis. As I write, we await a decision from Home Office regarding their willingness to allow PCS to use the departmental Skype system or if we will need to use Zoom as the meeting platform.

The meeting will be held on Thursday 18th February 2021 at 1400 hours. To allow us to facilitate this can we ask members to register their interest via email to Collin Moore at by Monday 1st February 2021. Please include a personal email address for us to send your invitation to in the event we need to use Zoom. Continue reading



Summary: PCS reacts with anger as the Prime Minister refuses to take action over bullying by the Home Secretary after inquiry says she broke rules on ministers behaviour.



Many PCS members working in the Home Office and associated organisations will be aware of the ongoing bullying investigation into the Home Secretary which was linked to the resignation of the last Permanent Secretary.  Members disappointment at the slow process of this investigation will now be shocked by the Prime Ministers lack of action against Priti Patel now that the report has concluded.
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Home Office Pay 2020

1st October 2020


Summary: Department publishes final offer letter for 2020 Home Office pay.


The Department has today published their final offer letter in relation to Pay 2020.  This follows negotiations which the department opened in July and continued in August.  The implementation has been delayed by the roll out of Metis.

The Treasury published its pay guidance document in May.  This sets out how departments can implement pay awards each year.  This year the document expected awards between 1.5% and 2%.  However, flexibility to use up to 2.5% of monies was allowed if demonstrable improvements in systems and equality outcomes could be demonstrated.

What’s important to note is that the actual new money available from the Treasury is in fact only 1%.  This means that in order to top it up to 2.5% use of internal recycled funds is necessary.  This exposes the inherent problem with negotiations – the lack of funding from the Government.

The Government have limited the amount of new funding to only 1% meaning that the substantial pay award that our members need cannot be funded.  Our national pay claim was for a 10% rise in order to recognise the years of below inflation pay rises that have been imposed, but the refusal of the Government to properly engage with our national union means discussions locally were in a tough position. Continue reading