Members’ Briefing




To:       All Members

cc:       Group Executive Committee

Date: 17 March 2020 HO/MB/009/20

Summary: This briefing is to provide members with an update on advice and PCS actions in relation to the Covid19 outbreak



As everyone will be aware, the Covid19 virus has spread to virtually every corner of the world over the last couple of months, and the UK Government has now amended its previous advice in relation to dealing with the spread.  This means a move to what is termed the ‘delay’ phase. In other words, there appears to be no realistic prospect of the spread of the virus in the UK being prevented. It’s not hyperbole to state that these are unprecedented times.


It is important to stress that PCS cannot and should not give health advice regarding Covid19. We are simply not qualified to do so and would recommend all members with specific medical and clinical concerns to refer to the Public Health England (PHE) website, the links now available on the Coronavirus Hub on Horizon or the 111 helpline.


New Developments

On 16 March the Prime Minister made an announcement that significantly ramped up the UK’s response to the pandemic.  This has been followed by an email from the Permanent Secretary.  This outlined specific instructions in four bullet points. Continue reading



Nominations are now invited for the Branch elections to be held prior to the Annual General Meeting on 27 February 2014.


Nominations must be made in accordance with the agreed Constitution which states at Rule 15 that “nominations shall proceed only from members within the Branch or workplace as appropriate”. Therefore, only members working and fixed in the “work areas” , as defined in the attached paper, can nominate or receive nominations for a steward vacancy in that work area. Nominations for all other posts may proceed from    any member within the Branch. 

Nominations are therefore invited for the following posts: 

Branch Chairperson (1)

Branch Secretary (1)

Branch Assistant Secretary (2)

Branch Organiser/Treasurer (1)

Branch Executive Committee Member (3)

Branch Conference Delegate (4)

Local Stewards (as appropriate – see attached sheet)

Branch Women’s Advisory Committee (5)

Branch Auditors (2) 

Nominations must be made in accordance with Branch rule 17 in that “ No candidate should be eligible for any Branch  Election without first having signified their willingness to serve and secondly confirmed that they are not and will not be members of the ISU for the period of office”

Nominations should be sent to Stan Scrivener, PCS, Priory Court, St. John’s Road, Dover, CT17 9SH

Nominees may, if they wish to, provide a summary of their previous trade union involvement on the form below. These will be distributed with any ballot papers.


The closing date for receipt of nominations is 5pm on Friday 17 January 2014


Pete Norris

Branch Secretary

Nomination form CLICK HERE





Against a background of widespread intimidation and bullying (described by one senior manager at the time as ‘a campaign’), AHW was introduced into the Home Office on 1 April 2011.

 In January this year, the Department approached the unions with a view to re-opening discussions on AHW based upon the notion that AHA (Annualised Hours Allowance) should be the single shift working allowance paid to those members working unsocial hours. 

The Department claimed that the drivers for re-visiting this issue were: 

  • In the current (difficult) financial climate, ‘efficiencies’ had to be made;
  • Staff felt that it was divisive to have different sets of terms and conditions;
  • Managers were finding it difficult to manage three sets of terms and conditions. 

HO/MB/19/13 advised members of the union’s agreement to engage with management.  Continue reading