Nominations are now invited for the Branch elections to be held prior to the Annual General Meeting on 25 February 2015.

Nominations must be made in accordance with the agreed Constitution which states at Rule 15 that “nominations shall proceed only from members within the Branch or workplace as appropriate”. Therefore, only members working and fixed in the “work areas” , as defined in the attached paper, can nominate or receive nominations for a steward vacancy in that work area. Nominations for all other posts may proceed from    any member within the Branch.

Nominations are therefore invited for the following posts:

Branch President (1)

Branch Secretary (1)

Branch Assistant Secretary (2)

Branch Vice President (1)

Branch Executive Committee Other Member (3)

Branch Conference Delegate (4)

Local Stewards ( see attached sheet)

Branch Women’s Advisory Committee (5)

Branch Auditors (2)

Equal Ops Rep (1)

Nominations must be made in accordance with Branch rule 17 in that “ No candidate should be eligible for any Branch  Election without first having signified their willingness to serve and secondly confirmed that they are not and will not be members of the ISU for the period of office”

Nominations should be sent to Pete Wright, PCS, Priory Court, St. John’s Road, Dover, CT17 9SH

Nominees may, if they wish to, provide a summary of their previous trade union involvement on the form below. These will be distributed with any ballot papers.

The closing date for receipt of nominations is 5pm on Thursday 15 January 2015 

Pete Norris


Nominations letter 2015 2016


Home Office tried to gag border survey


Home Office tried to gag border survey

  • Major response to PCS border force survey
  • Home Office attempt to stop results being published
  • ITV news headlines special report revealing findings and criticism over job cuts and mismanagement

On Thursday evening (4th December) PCS members’ experiences of the conditions of working within UK Border Force was the headline news item as a special investigation aired on ITV news reported on our survey findings.

This joint survey with ITV News which had nearly 500 responses enabled us to present our members experiences to give a true picture of what it is like working in the Border Force. Continue reading




HO/MB/81/14 advised members that formal talks with the Home Office over 2014 pay had finally begun on 25 September. Set against the backdrop of the Government’s 1% pay cap, a further three meetings were held at which point the Department advised that it had moved as far as it was going to go and was seeking to implement its offer with November salaries. 


During the discussions, PCS were the only union to put forward a formal pay claim, which sought a 5% or £1,200 increase, based upon the claim that had been submitted by the PCS National Executive Committee (NEC) to the Cabinet Office. The negotiators pressed for the Home Office to go back to the Treasury to make a case for additional funding for pay, but the Department refused to do this. PCS argued that with only 1% available, any award should be based upon the principle of a flat rate and take into account the need to pay the Living Wage. This was based on the belief that such an approach is the only progressive way to maximise the amount of money going into the pockets of the people that need it most within the workforce, whilst underpinning that aspiration with a commitment to paying all staff a wage that they can live on, not just survive on. 

Unfortunately, the other two unions felt unable to support the concept of a flat rate increase, arguing that any award should be percentage based; a concept that clearly favours those in receipt of higher earnings.  Continue reading