In response to motion A3 at 2014 Group Conference and central policy decision to alter the policy relating to whistleblowing a consultation on the issue commenced in September 2015.

PCS engaged on this issue as the policy has been amended in relation to the whistle blowing procedure. Following discussion it was established that the main changes to the policy centred around the creation of a dedicated hotline and e-mail address, which allowed members of staff to make reports without going through the management chain. These reports can be made anonymously, although PCS acknowledge that anonymity will have to be requested where referrals are made via e-mail.

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Beat the ban and help us get rid of forced ranking…


Summary: Home Office ban PCS petition in an attempt to silence members. Don’t let them get away with it. Sign petition outside work, use smart phones or other devices to sign on-line via the following linkForward the link with a message to workmates to encourage them to sign and share on social media. Sign the petition by 30 November 2015.

Keep signing the petition

Last week PCS launched a petition against the hated system of forced ranking in the Home Office, supported by our colleagues in the Prospect union. Within days of launching the petition, it has attracted thousands of signatures from across the department as people have jumped at the opportunity to support us in our efforts to get rid of this hated, divisive, discriminatory system. Thank you to the thousands who have signed already. If you haven’t signed yet please do and spread the word to encourage your workmates. Continue reading


The race to the Bottom!

The Race To The Bottom

Join PCS to oppose the Moderation policy.