PCS tells MP’s that Home Office is massively under prepared for Brexit

Staffing problems alongside a severe lack of planning show the Home Office is directionless and completely unprepared for Brexit, PCS told the parliamentary home affairs select committee today.  For the full story please see the PCS website:






PCS are offering every member the opportunity to use their free vote to have a say on the public sector pay cap.

PCS are balloting all members in a national pay ballot. A high turnout will put further pressure on the government to scrap the Home Office and wider public sector pay cap. The ballot closes on 6th November. You need to use your vote now to be counted. A low turnout will allow the Government to claim you’re happy with no pay proper rise.

PCS are therefore encouraging all members to use their vote to say YES to break the pay cap.

Anyone not voting will be seen as a NO vote i.e. your vote will be used as you accepting a pay cut.

If you don’t want the Government to see you as not bothered, complicit or accepting of pay restraint for years to come then you must vote YES / YES in the ballot.

If you’ve received a paper ballot in the post send it off in the prepaid envelope today. Alternatively you will have received an email from PCS with two codes to your personal email account. Vote online which will take you less than a minute of your time – so less time than reading to the end of this briefing!!!

PCS have fought hard to press the Home Office and arms-length bodies to move to scrapping the 1% cap.

• We have presented pay claims each year well above 1% and demanded that these be taken seriously. While others have stood aside and just accepted it we have continued to bargain hard on your behalf.
• In 2012-13 we managed to deliver pay increase for many members in Home Office well above 1% with a deal that included some contractual changes. With a move to spot rates delivering increases over 20%.
• In 2015 we secured thousands of pounds pay increase for many HMPO staff when we did a deal to harmonise terms and conditions that also secured a many protections of existing terms.

Despite our determined efforts thousands of members across Home Office have suffered between a 10-15% pay cut since 2010. This can’t continue. This is the time for everyone to play their part. Use your vote now.

• VOTE: If you have seen the value of your pay go down
• VOTE: If you’re getting into more debt just to get by
• VOTE: If you’ve had your pay frozen because you’ve reached the max of your pay grade or your on legacy allowances
• VOTE: If you care about your future pension. Lower pay now means a lower pension when you retire

Don’t leave it to someone else to fight on your behalf.

Don’t let your colleagues down when there having a go.


Speak with your colleagues and make sure they vote too.

Mike Jones
Group Secretary



Summary: Home Office People Survey 2017 will be launched during September in paper form and October online. PCS outlines why, in line with member feedback the GEC has concluded that the boycott should continue.

Members will be aware that for a number of years PCS have recommended that members boycott the People Survey / Staff Survey in response to a number of incidences whereby the results of the survey have been used against members or used to initiate detrimental changes, under the justification that members have asked for it.


PCS have remained engaged with Home Office on the forthcoming survey and note that in some areas progress has been made. In the light of this progress, the Home Office GEC moved motion A16 at the 2017 Group Conference which outlined that conference allow the GEC autonomy to decide on the position regarding recommending completion of the survey or continuing the boycott. Motion A16 was carried by conference.


The GEC met, and in line with the provisions of the motion considered the position that should be taken by PCS in relation to the survey.


In considering this, the GEC took into account the following items:


  • Action taken by Home Office since last year’s People Survey.
  • Views and feelings of members and feedback from GEC Liaison Officers.
  • The instruction of motion A16.


As a result of the information above and after much debate, the GEC has opted to continue the boycott of the People survey for 2017. The decision is based upon GEC members not seeing sufficient progress on dealing with issues such as bullying, harassment and discrimination, members informing us that they do not have sufficient trust that the Home Office will act upon the findings of the survey and a view that members do not view the survey in a positive light.

PCS will continue to negotiate with the Home Office People Survey team and endeavour to see action on the feedback provided but until significant action in the workplace to engage with staff and act on their concerns is evidenced, PCS continue to ask members to boycott the survey and engage with their local reps to allow us to raise your concerns with the relevant Home Office leads.

Pete Wright
Assistant Group Secretary
Personnel Lead

Kevin Mills
Assistant Group
Secretary Personnel Team