BEC update 11th April 2013

Branch Executive Committee Meeting

11th April 2013 


On 11th April the B.E.C. met for the scheduled BEC meeting.


The items discussed were as follows:


  1. Members briefings and Branch briefings
  2. John Vine Audit of freight.
  3. Rebranding of UKBA.
  4. Performance review box markings.
  5. Commencement of work at FASD.
  6. Coquelles freight control structure and automation.
  7. AO / AIO refusal to act up to cover PCP.
  8. Summer pressures at Calais
  9. Brigade “Starbursting”.
  10. Staff changes at Tilbury, Gravesend brigade.
  11. Staff moves agreement for Intel & Targeting
  12. Possible change of terms for Cutters.
  13. T&Cs agreed for remaining QW staff.
  14. Recruitment exercises.



If you wish to obtain further details on any of these subjects feel free to contact your local rep.


Pete Wright