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The recent publication of equality figures and managements bullying tactics have made it more important than ever for PCS to give everyone the chance to sign and voice their opposition.

PCS PDR petition reopens until the end of January 2016. Continue to sign and

encourage colleagues to do the same. Sign

Members’ recent experience of their employer over issues such as pay; sickness absence; PDR’s has followed a similar pattern with the Home Office mantra being “If you don’t agree it we will impose, if you don’t comply “hello to the bottom 10%””!



Thousands have signed the PCS petition so far. However PCS have been informed that people who want to sign have been told by management that they will be disciplined if they do. This is outrageous and even the draconian Home Office policies don’t advocate this action. PCS will challenge this anywhere there is evidence of this behaviour. Members should sign the petition and you should not be fearful of doing so.

In light of complaints raised by PCS members as to the bullying tactics of the employer during the period the petition was open and due to members disgust at the recently published equality figures on the PDR system PCS have therefore decided to reopen the petition to collect even more signatures. The petition will remain open for anyone to sign until the end of January 2016.

The actions at the top of the organisation in attempting to ban the PCS petition is completely out of order. The petition simply seeks members’ views on a policy in order to provide their union with evidence to take to management to bring about improvements.

Senior Management banning PCS from canvassing for signatures on Home Office property and disabling the link to it on POISE is unacceptable. This type of action is usually reserved for preventing staff using “dodgy” internet sites including pornography; bomb making etc. Staff will not be disciplined for signing the petition. The link below will take you to the on line petition which you can sign from your personal devices.

Sign the petition



Independent arbitrator called in

As a result of senior management’s response to the PCS petition ACAS have now written to the Home Office demanding a meeting to explain their actions.

ACAS is an independent body who can be called in when an employer is acting in an unreasonable manner in order to deal with this and find a solution.


The latest equality figures show (see HO/MB/61/15) what we already know, that despite all their “words” the forced rankings which are part of the HO Performance Management System remain dire.

What’s the department’s response to this? More meaningless work to try and make an inherently unfair system “appear” fairer.

However how are they going to do this? The rankings are forced so if one goes out the bottom 10% then someone else has to go in!

We are all being urged to do more with less, however hours are wasted moderating staff to be ranked to a 25%/65%/10% split. This adds no value what so ever to the appraisal process. The system is hated by managers and staff alike.

The fact that PCS have already managed to get these rankings decoupled from pay and poor performance begs the question of what do the Home Office hope to achieve by ranking staff? PCS have urged for the department to skills match staff rather that focus so much on their perception of poor performance. They should focus on encouraging and supporting staff, celebrating good work and creating an environment that is inclusive and where everyone feels valued!!

If you don’t act nothing will change. You are the union we need collective voices to come together to make it happen.  We won’t bring about change unless you add your voice in opposition!

United we can make a difference

Once you have signed and got your colleagues to sign please pass completed sheets to your local PCS representative or send to the Home Office Group Secretary Mike Jones via email or by post to Mike Jones, PCS North West Regional Office, 3rd Floor Jack Jones House, 1 Islington, Liverpool L3 8EG.

Alternatively, you can sign an online version of the petition

Ann Martin

Group Organiser


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