COVID-19 – BF Issues

To:       All Members  

cc:       Group Executive Committee

Date:   1st May 2020



An update for members working in BF around COVID-19 arrangements in the workplace and H&S advice for members.



PCS has been clear in previous Health & Safety briefings that there has been significant engagement with the employer on COVID-19 arrangements in the Home Office and in Border Force specifically. This latest Briefing should be read in conjunction with MB 23/20 which was issued on Monday 27 April 2020 and dealt in some detail with some of the legal aspects around addressing H&S concerns in the workplace as well as signposting members to a PCS H&S Log where members can report concerns and incidents.

PCS welcomes the engagement where it has taken place between the employer and us across the Home Office and in the specific Directorates including Border Force. As a union we are quite clear that we wish to maintain lines of constructive communication, as all parties should be working together, to keep members and their families/household members safe in these strangest of times. This is our overriding priority.

PCS has contributed significantly at a national level in discussions around shift allowances, the Border Force Safe System of Work and the Coronavirus Hub Frequently Asked Questions which can be found on Horizon and which cover amongst other issues, Special Leave, Sick Leave, Annual Leave, Officers with health conditions and those with caring responsibilities. We continue to have an input into the revisions of these documents and share members’ frustrations at some decisions and the lack of movement in some key areas. Continue reading