Summary: For many years PCS has been campaigning for a significant change in the way our reporting system is operated. As a result of our campaigning that change is on its way.


Members will have been aware that for many years, PCS have been campaigning for a significant change to the PDR system operated in Home Office. In the first instance, we sought to remove the system of forced distribution, moderation and box marking quotas. This change came about in 2017, but, despite the change, PCS did not feel that this went far enough and sought to remove the system of year-end and mid-year box marking.


PCS felt that the star rating system was one that created an adversarial environment, hindering honest conversations, where managers felt obliged to fill quotas.  Likewise, we felt that the half year and end of year report process was a significant drain on resources and was essentially an arbitrary construct.  Ultimately, assigning a nominal star rating in October and March did nothing to aid continual development of our members throughout the year and their careers. Continue reading


Pay 2018 – Imposition



Summary: Department respond to PCS over Pay 2018 and signal intention to impose offer in October pay.


Following the completion of negotiations over pay in August this year, PCS were presented with a final offer on 30 August.  We have engaged in a month of member engagement over this offer and we responded to the department on 28 September.


Our Response

Our feedback from members was overwhelmingly that the offer was nowhere near what we had set out to achieve, given our original demands of £1,200 or 5% for all members.  The final offer can be summarised as 1.5%, made up of varying degrees of consolidated and non-consolidated amounts.

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Pay ballot result

Huge strike vote – but anti-union strike laws will prevent action.

PCS members have delivered the highest yes vote and turnout in the history of the union. But undemocratic, anti-union strike laws, implemented last year, will prevent strike action.

Our independent scrutineers’ report, as required in accordance with section 231B of the Trade Union and Labour relations (Consolidation) Act 1992, for the above ballot which closed at noon on Monday 23 July 2018 is as follows:

Number of Individuals who were entitled to vote in the ballot                    142,673

Number of voting papers returned                                                            59,285

Question: Are you prepared to take part in strike action?

Number of spoilt or otherwise invalid voting papers returned                              31

Number of votes cast in the ballot                                                             59,254

Votes cast in the ballot as a % of individuals who were entitled to vote           41.6%

Result of voting

Yes                         50,726                   85.6%

No                            8,528                   14.4%

General Secretary Mark Serwotka’s video message on the ballot result:

The ballot will send a strong message to the government that PCS members want a pay rise. However, the new legal requirements mean that unions not only have to show majority support for a strike, but that 50% of those balloted have voted.

The pay campaign continues

The result is a major disappointment, but the campaign has made our union stronger, with thousands of new members and hundreds of new reps and advocates. You and your colleagues still deserve a pay rise, so the pay campaign will not end here. The PCS national executive committee (NEC) will meet on Tuesday 24 July, and agree the next steps in the pay campaign.

A full statement about the next steps in the campaign will be issued tomorrow (24).