Summary: For many years PCS has been campaigning for a significant change in the way our reporting system is operated. As a result of our campaigning that change is on its way.


Members will have been aware that for many years, PCS have been campaigning for a significant change to the PDR system operated in Home Office. In the first instance, we sought to remove the system of forced distribution, moderation and box marking quotas. This change came about in 2017, but, despite the change, PCS did not feel that this went far enough and sought to remove the system of year-end and mid-year box marking.


PCS felt that the star rating system was one that created an adversarial environment, hindering honest conversations, where managers felt obliged to fill quotas.  Likewise, we felt that the half year and end of year report process was a significant drain on resources and was essentially an arbitrary construct.  Ultimately, assigning a nominal star rating in October and March did nothing to aid continual development of our members throughout the year and their careers. Continue reading



Members’ Briefing

To:       All Members

cc:       Group Executive Committee

Date: 3 August 2016 HO/MB/049/16
Summary: Department begin consultation over proposals to replace current PDR and forced ranking system.


As reported in the last briefing on the subject of the PDR and forced ranking, the Department is on the way to a remarkable change of direction on this issue.  This loss of faith in the current PDR process is undoubtedly in no small part down to the activities and pressure exerted by members here in the Home Office and across the Civil Service. Continue reading



20/20 Vision for the Home Office



The recent publication of equality figures and managements bullying tactics have made it more important than ever for PCS to give everyone the chance to sign and voice their opposition.

PCS PDR petition reopens until the end of January 2016. Continue to sign and

encourage colleagues to do the same. Sign

Members’ recent experience of their employer over issues such as pay; sickness absence; PDR’s has followed a similar pattern with the Home Office mantra being “If you don’t agree it we will impose, if you don’t comply “hello to the bottom 10%””!



Thousands have signed the PCS petition so far. However PCS have been informed that people who want to sign have been told by management that they will be disciplined if they do. This is outrageous and even the draconian Home Office policies don’t advocate this action. PCS will challenge this anywhere there is evidence of this behaviour. Members should sign the petition and you should not be fearful of doing so.

In light of complaints raised by PCS members as to the bullying tactics of the employer during the period the petition was open and due to members disgust at the recently published equality figures on the PDR system PCS have therefore decided to reopen the petition to collect even more signatures. The petition will remain open for anyone to sign until the end of January 2016.

The actions at the top of the organisation in attempting to ban the PCS petition is completely out of order. The petition simply seeks members’ views on a policy in order to provide their union with evidence to take to management to bring about improvements.

Senior Management banning PCS from canvassing for signatures on Home Office property and disabling the link to it on POISE is unacceptable. This type of action is usually reserved for preventing staff using “dodgy” internet sites including pornography; bomb making etc. Staff will not be disciplined for signing the petition. The link below will take you to the on line petition which you can sign from your personal devices.

Sign the petition



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